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Hydrostatic transmissions and  pneumaticsI
​Heating and ventilation air  conditioning system
C engines and Turbo  machinery
Kinematics and dynamics of  rigid bodies
Lubricants and lubrication
Machinability and formability  of materials
​Manufacturing design for 3r   "reduce,reuse,recycling"  Mechanical micro machining
Mechanisms and machines
Medical device manufacturing
Metal casting, metal joining  processes
Metrology and computer aided  inspection

Computer control and  interface
Software engineering, intellige  -nt decision support system
WEB Data Management
Information Security
​Computer software
Computer Applications
Computer system structure
Multimedia technology
The new computer technology

Safety Information
Information security support  technology
Network security theory and  technology
Information against theory  and technology
Trusted Computing

Nano Technology
Intelligent control
New storage technology
Network storage system
Mass network storage system
parallel storage system
Multimedia data processing 
and communication
Multimedia system technology
computer interface technology
Computer equipment evaluation 
techniques and instruments
Computer simulation technology
Computer System Structure
​Network computing and cloud computing
Simulation of computing systems
Network storage

Electronics Engineering Radio Engineering Telecommunications  Control Systems  ​ Signal Processing  Systems Engineering Control engineering Microelectronics Signal processing Instrumentation Engineering
Telecommunications engineering
Signals and systems
Control Systems
Digital & Analog  Communication 
Digital & Analog  Circuits and 
The parallel distributed computing

\Soft computing techniques
Solid mechanics and structural mechanics
Sustainable and green manufacturing
Thermodynamics and heat  transfer\
Tool condition monitoring
Traditional and non-traditional

machining processes Vibration and acoustics

Software Engineering Management
Computer Application Technology
WEB information management
Information retrieval, social networks
Biomedical Image information Processing
Combinatorial optimization algorithm for high-performance
Mathematics media processing and retrieval
Multi-core computing and streaming compiler
Network and high-performance computing, image and image processing
Multimedia technology, network security and application
Computer networks and applications

Digital Synchronous Machines Timers,
Microwave and Radar Technology
Computer System Structure Network computing and cloud computing
​Simulation of computing systems
Network storage
Network data security and service
Parallel the I/OEIS network technology and software technology comprehensive application
The embedded system and application
Computer storage technology
Sensors/actuators network
Wireless Ad hoc Networks
Computer Science​

Micro and nano mechanics
Modeling,simulation, and optimization
Multifunctional and smart materials
Nanomaterials and  nanomanufacturing
​Precision engineering

Product design and development

Rapid manufacturing  technologies and prototyping,  remanufacturing
Recycling systems
Renewable energies technology
Reverse engineering
Sensors for intelligent manufacturing and artificial  intelligence    

Information security applications and methods
Loophole control and analysis

Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
​Automation, Mechatronics, and Robotics
Automotive engineering
Bioengineering materials, biomechanics and biotribology
Bulk deformation processes and sheet metal forming
Composites, ceramics, and polymers processing
Computational mechanics / FEM modeling and simulation

Network data security and 
Modern database theory and implementation techniques
Computing intelligence
large-scale combinatorial optimization problem of high performance algorithm design and analysis
Solving NP-Hard combinatorial optimization
Software optimization and reuse
Intelligent expert system
Multimedia and artificial intelligence theory and implementation techniques
The initiative, real-time, mobile database theory and integration technology

Optoelectronic Circuits
Semiconductor Devices
Digital Signal and Image 
Processing etc                 
Electrical engineering                 
Transmission lines microwave 
theory and application, automation, control and instrumentation
Power Electronics                
Wind Power Generation
Power management system
Electrical and electronic materials: Electrical conductivity.optical fibers –

principles and applications            

Network & coupled circuits
Self-tuning regulators 

Powe​r station​              

                         MAIN TOPICS

IIRDEM is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to the following topics.

Computer science theory and technology.
​ The application of computer science in various fields of theory and practice.

 The mathematical theory and technology.

Mathematics in education theory and practice. ​

All kinds of fields in the management of mathematical theory and practice.

Physical theory and technology.

Physical in education theory and practice.

Physics theory and practice of management in various areas.

Computer science and mathematics, physics parallel application and management.

Electrical engineering Electronics Engineering

Communication Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering ​

The conference topics include, but are not limited to: ​





All papers accepted by IIRDEM  may be published in the International Journal which are indexed by Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Google Scholar, Crossref and ProQuest. DRJI, Google Scholar  Official language is English in paper writing and presenting. Any submission must not have been, or will not be published elsewhere or submitted to another conference before the review notification date of this conference.