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The Education Excellence Awards

Winning the Education Excellence Award could be amongst the most important achievements for your institution ahead of the admissions season and will allow you to clearly differentiate your offerings and quality of education compared to your competitors. Who knows, your institution might deserve and be chosen as the Best in your City or the Best in your State. Even new institutions have the possibility to be chosen amongst the Best Upcoming Institutions.

Here is an indicative list of the awards:

  • Best Faculty Award
  • Best Infrastructure Award
  • Best in Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Excellence in Alumni Engagement
  • Excellence in International Curricula
  • Excellence in School/College Governance
  • Excellence in Academic Achievement
  • Most Environmentally-Conscious Award

How to participate / How it Works

We already have accepted nominations from over 500 institutions from all across India and we sincerely hope that you would like to see your institutions participate as well. All that you need to do is to take action and nominate your institution to be considered for the awards.