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Once a paper is submitted to IIRDEM, the review process is as follows:

Screening Protocol
A team of IIRDEM Planners trained in science and engineering conducts the first review of the submitted papers to ensure that all papers are clear, authentic and relevant to the conference material.

Expert Review
Every paper submitted to an IIRDEM conference is sent to at least three reviewers that include members of the International Program Committee (IPC), members of the Technical Committee, and additional qualified reviewers.

Double-Blind review
Each paper is double-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers, and ideally is double-blind reviewed by three or more reviewers. After the paper has been reviewed, the conference chair examines the paper and the reviewers’ comments. Then the conference chair makes the final decision on each paper. We encourage our reviewers to give a detailed account of their decision. Once reviewed, every author will be able to view the reviewers’ comments as a single document. The author will learn the paper’s average scores on originality, contribution to the scientific community, use of references, presentation of ideas, language level, as well as any other comments that the reviewers have provided.

Paper Approval
Acceptance is primarily based on the relevance, originality, technical soundness, presentation, references, and scientific merit of the paper. All papers must be well written. Some papers may be rejected based on the level of language. If the paper is not clear, it cannot be reviewed. 

The conference chair makes the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the paper.